Thursday, March 29, 2012

Infant yoga & massage.

So my friend, Jasmin, is in training to become a Doula and a few weeks ago she attended an infant yoga & massage seminar. Well lucky for me, I got to be her guinea pig for the class she is going to start! She started out with a warm up of kids songs where I wiggled Boston around, and moved his hands to follow the motions (like head, shoulders, knees and toes). The first time, last week, he would do everything but the toes part, he didn't want to bed down so far. But yesterday he did it all and had no problem with the bending! After the warm up, she went into a series of yoga poses. She explained what each pose was for (aiding in digestion, lengthening the spine) and he was fine with all of those. His favorite part by far was the massage. Apparently, he LOVES getting his feet rubbed! I found that hilarious, he had a huge grin on his face. When I got all the way up to the face, every time I tried to bring my hands down he would grab them both and shove them in his mouth. Yesterday when I turned him over onto his stomach to do his back, he almost fell asleep! Guess it was pretty relaxing :)

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  1. Hi there, thank you for visiting me at my blog. Shopping alone with a five month old baby is hard. I remember alternating between setting baby in carseat in cart, carrying in the babybjorn, and carrying in my arms. It made using coupons ridiculously hard, and not worth it. I usually took the kids with me to the store, or sometimes went in the evenings when Daddy was here. But usually I would go during the day with the younger ones, which was a total circus. But honestly, I miss those days. Anyway, I am sorry to hear about your husband's upcoming deployment. I know it comes with the territory, but that cannot possibly lessen the pain of it. I am just beginning to realize the sacrifices the soldiers make as only the tip of the iceberg, the families too bear so much. Hugs to you! And nice to meet you!