Monday, March 12, 2012

Base preference updated.

So I posted a few days ago the bases we are most likely to get stationed at, and in bold were the ones I would be okay going to. Well I did some reasearch yesterday on all the bases. Stuff to do nearby, how the on post houses look/space, schools for me to go to near by, and my list has DRASTICALLY changed! For one, Alaska is now my top pick! Luckily only the top 3 matter and my husband and I have the same top 3 (just in a different order). I originally thought I wouldn't want Ft Bliss near my top either, but it's right in El Paso with SO much to do and the housing is nice as well. So our top three are Fort Richardson, Alaska, Fort Bragg, North Carolina (only 12 hours from family), and Fort Bliss, Texas. I didn't bother numbering Fort Carson because that's everyone's top choice and we will never get it! I wish we could just pick, but I hope we at least get one of the top 3 choices. Not like we will know anytime soon. But today he gets his class date I think!

Schofield Baracks, Hawaii
5. Fort Lewis, Washington
3. Fort Bragg, North Carolina
4. Fort Hood, Texas
1. Fort Richardson, Alaska
Fort Wainwright, Alaska 
7. Fort Drum, New York
Fort Polk, Louisiana
2. Fort Bliss, Texas
Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri (the only base worse than Fort Sill)
Fort Carson, Colorado
6. Fort Cambell, Kentucky

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