Thursday, March 8, 2012

It's raining, it's pouring.

Oh, god. I just found this photo on tumblr and it's just so perfect you don't even understand. I mean first of all, if you don't like Craig Owens, you don't have a soul, and I will not be your friend. Ever. But more importantly, Boston loves D.R.U.G.S. The band, idiots, I don't give my 4 month old drugs. I played it loudly when he was in my stomach, and he would dance in there. Now I sing it to him and he smiles and smiles. Yep, my baby is a badass. I mean his initials are BMF after all.
But yeah, besides that today is pretty crappy out. It's been 75 for about 3 days and sunny, and today it's pouring and 50. This is not so fun when you have two crazy dogs that need to go outside and then come back inside and cover the entire house in mud. Had to put them back in their kennel to let them dry off a bit, they are groaning at me right now. 

Trying a new schedule out with Boston today. Although it's probably a stupid idea/time to do it with daylight savings coming up, which will throw everything off by an hour. But yeah, he starting to want to go 3.5 hours before eating again instead of 3 so I'm going to do a little combo. Instead of 730/1030/130/430/7, today I'll be giving 7/1030/2/530/8 a shot. I don't know if it'll work out though, I like his bed time being at 730 so might completely change my mind, we'll see what happens. 

Matt (my husband) is coming home today instead of tomorrow. Guess I should go make a copy of the house key that I've been putting off until the last minute. I hate going in Home Depot or Lowes, it's annoying and out of my way. AND IT'S RAINING. Just no. 

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