Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring cleaning.

Guess I'll be doing a ton of cleaning in the house today before my husband beats me (totally kidding, but really, he's sick of me not cleaning anything all day). Which is fine, but if he starts leaving 800 plates all over the kitchen the second he gets home then I'm never cleaning again. Got started on the kitchen first, I guess I'll be doing room by room and then do the vacuuming all at once.
Dishes (these were already done)
Sweep & mop floor

Living room
Clean up dog toys
Organize baby toys
Put blankets and pillows back where they go

Put away laundry
Make bed
Straight up clutter

Boston's Room
Put clothes/extra toys back in bins under bed
Put away laundry
Box up old clothes and put in closet

Sweep & mop floors
I'll do the bathrooms besides the floors a different day

Besides cleaning, today at noon Boston is having some Easter photos done! Can't wait, it's going to be so cute. I'm probably just going to put him in a plain white onesie since I don't want his clothes distracting the photo and I don't have any "Easter" type clothes for him to wear. I hope he doesn't have squinty eyes in all of them since we will be taking them at a park in the sun.

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