Friday, March 16, 2012

1 to 6 months milestone chart.

Child's Age

Mastered Skills (most kids can do)

Emerging Skills (half of kids can do)

Advanced Skills (a few kids can do)
1 monthLifts head when lying on tummy
Responds to sound
Stares at faces
Follows objects briefly with eyes
Vocalizes: oohs and aahs
Can see black-and-white patterns
Smiles, laughs
Holds head at 45-degree angle
2 monthsVocalizes: gurgles and coos
Follows objects across field of vision
Notices his hands
Holds head up for short periods
Smiles, laughs
Holds head at 45-degree angle
Makes smoother movements
Holds head steady
Can bear weight on legs
Lifts head and shoulders when lying on tummy (mini-pushup)
3 monthsRecognizes your face and scent
Holds head steady
Visually tracks moving objects
Squeals, gurgles, coos
Blows bubbles
Recognizes your voice
Does mini-pushup
Rolls over, from tummy to back
Turns toward loud sounds
Can bring hands together, bats at toys
4 monthsSmiles, laughs
Can bear weight on legs
Coos when you talk to him
Can grasp a toy
Rolls over, from tummy to back
Imitates sounds: "baba," "dada"
Cuts first tooth
May be ready for solid foods
5 monthsDistinguishes between bold colors
Plays with his hands and feet
Recognizes own name
Turns toward new sounds
Rolls over in both directions
Sits momentarily without support
Mouths objects
Separation anxiety may begin
6 monthsTurns toward sounds and voices
Imitates sounds
Rolls over in both directions
Is ready for solid foods
Sits without support
Mouths objects
Passes objects from hand to hand
Lunges forward or starts crawling
Jabbers or combines syllables
Drags objects toward himself

I really like how this milestone chart from BabyCenter is set up. I like looking in the "advanced" column and seeing that Boston can do most or all of those things for the month :) He is 4 1/2 months right now, or 3 1/2 months by adjusted age. For 3 months he can do everything in all columns except roll over, which is under the advanced column (he has done it once a few weeks ago, but apparently that was enough for him lol). For 4 months he does everything in the first column, and grasping toys in the second column. He is soon to be cutting first tooth! And I think they should update the solids info since babies really shouldn't be eating solid food until 6 months, but I've given him a few spoonfuls of applesauce to keep him happy if we go eat at a buffet, and he sure does love it!

Looking at the 5 months columns, I'm not sure how you would tell you baby is distinguishing between colors... not like I can read his mind! He does play with his hands, not his feet yet. I think he's too chubby to get to his feet. 

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