Thursday, March 29, 2012

Well, that's nice to know.

So my husbands unit got a deployment order... completely out of the blue. They are leaving in ONE month. It's not even their unit going, but that unit doesn't have enough soldiers so they are taking his battery as well. They aren't going anywhere dangerous, so I'm not worried... it just sucks. He was suppose to go to school for MP, and he's going to miss the most important year of Boston's life. Anddd that means we won't be leaving Fort Sill which sucks pretty bad. I decided that I'll be staying here instead of moving back to Connecticut during it because really we can't afford it. And moving is too much of a hastle especially across country with a 5 month old and 3 animals. That would NOT be fun.

He may get 1 week of leave this month, if so we will be flying up to Indiana to stay with his mom. His grandma still hasn't met Boston, or any of his aunts. So that will be, fun, I guess. As long as I get to go to a zoo I won't complain and the flight is short lol. In October I'll be flying home to Connecticut for two weeks. It will be my moms 50th birthday, and I will probably have Boston's birthday there a few weeks early. It's going to be very hungry caterpillar themed!

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  1. Can his unit not get him out of it? If he has orders to reclass that should be priority. Also do you already have orders to PCS?

    I am so sorry. Deployments suck, My husband has been home for 9 moths in the last 38 smonths,s.