Friday, March 16, 2012

Baby Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit.

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Well, over a month ago Boston decided to get so massive that he would no longer fit into his Miracle Blanket. I decided to order Baby Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit, since it goes up to 9 months. I got the 6-9 month suit even though he was only a little over 3 months, because again, he is massive. Well it worked right away! I mean it's not "magic" unless maybe you didn't have a good sleeper before, but I do. He falls asleep very quickly and stays asleep through his whole nap, and the same amount at night as he was.

Well now I'm wanting to get him out of it. I thought everyone had said around 4 months is when you stop swaddling because the startle reflex is gone. Well, maybe it's because he was a month early... but he certainly isn't ready! I can get him to fall asleep fine without it, but he wakes up 45 minutes into his 2 hour naps and freaks out until I either get him up, or put the sleepsuit back on. At which time he promptly falls right back asleep until I wake him from the nap at 2 hours.

The website says when you are weaning, to layer up the pajamas to get the same effect, then slowly take layers away. If only he slept in pajamas, or wore clothes ever. Very rarely is he wearing anything but a onesie unless it's cold and we are going outside! So I guess my little weaning adventure is ending as soon as it began. I'll try again in a month. Anyone have any good tips for weaning? It's hard finding tips for this because normally people suggest, "swaddle with one arm out first." Well that's not possible in a zip up suit!

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