Thursday, March 22, 2012

Tell Me Thursday [Jobs!]

  • What was your first real job? (like, you paid taxes and everything)- The first job I had, was working at Stop & Shop (a grocery store) as a cashier. They also had a Dunkin Donuts inside so they stuck me over there a lot since I hated the front end and wanted to be in the Bake Shop but I wasn't yet 18. I worked there for almost a year. And it sucked. Big time. 
  • What was your favorite job? What job did you hate the most? - My favorite job was my last nanny position in Texas before we were forced to move to Oklahoma (army). The kids were 12 and 7, so I had a lot of driving responsibilities and homework help and they could really have conversations with me (I usually work with 1-3 year olds). The family was GREAT and we really became family to one another. We were all very sad when I had to leave. We still talk on Facebook :) The job I hated most was working at Toys R Us, which I did for a whole THREE weeks. It was incredibly boring, very slow, and I had to try to sell their damn credit card to everyone. I didn't sign up to be a cashier to be doing SALES which I will always suck at because I just don't care. 
  • What is your dream job? - If I could find a job that combined nursing, the zoo, and baking cupcakes... then that is my dream job. But, I'm going to school for Psychiatric Nursing, and if I could just skip anatomy I know I will love it! It will probably be awhile until I get my degree though due to the baby and the fact that I'll probably be pregnant again in the near future. 
  • Are you currently working? - I'm a stay at home mom to my 4 1/2 month old son at the moment. I have no desire to work in Oklahoma, where I will probably pay more for childcare than my job will pay. When I first got here I nannied for twin 5 year old boys a few times a week which was fun. They started kindergarten though in the fall so they don't really need me now!
  • What job should everyone try at least once? - I'm not really sure. But one word of advice I have is that even if you hate your job, do not quit after a few weeks unless you have another job lined up. 

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    1. Nice to know you!!

      Hi! Stopping by from MBC. Great blog!
      Have a nice day!

    2. I always hated having to get people to sign up for credit cards. Really, no one wants one of those damn things. Most of the people that want them won't get approved and everyone else gets annoyed when you ask them. ugh. Thanks for joining in this week!