Sunday, March 11, 2012


Start weight: 193
Current weight: 155
Goal weight: 124

So when I got pregnant, I was pretty damn skinny. Definitely underweight. Normal weight for a 5'5 female is around 125lbs. Well, I was 104-108. I've had an eating disorder since I was 13, and the past few years my body hasn't been getting much food. So when I got pregnant and started eating a little more, my body decided to hang on to EVERY calorie I put in my mouth. Well that was fun. I gained 85 lbs during my pregnancy without even overeating. Now that takes some real talent.

Anyway, apparently, I cannot lose weight while breastfeeding, which is pretty lame. The first week after I gave birth, I went from 193 to 163. The following 8 lbs have come off VERY slowly since then. I still have 31 lbs to go and I'm giving myself until Boston is 9 months old to lose it. So that gives me a little less than 5 months. Now that it's warmer out I can start walking the 3 mile track with him which will help. Also going to start doing some yoga at home. I can't really go to the fitness classes because I don't feel like paying for a babysitter.

A few before photos to keep me motivated :) I think I was about 10 weeks pregnant in the picture with the white shirt. I'll update the ticker each Sunday and do a little update of my diet & exercise for the week. I'm not worrying much about the diet, I don't overeat. Just going to buy some healthier foods and make sure I don't eat too much of bad things.

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