Saturday, March 10, 2012

Goodbye, Oklahoma!... well, at some point.

So my husband has been trying to re-class (change his Army job) to something for awhile now. Everything he wanted kept getting shut down or no longer available. Since he joined the Army in 2007 he has always wanted to be an MP (Military Police). Well he was just told yesterday that he got a spot! He and I are so excited. This means we get to leave Fort Sill eventually which is awesome. The training is 10 weeks long, and he is trying to get a class date for August, which means we would probably be moving to a new base around November. He will be getting his class date on monday.

When he re-enlisted in November 2010, he was only able to choose between two jobs so he was forced into his current job which is MLRS. This is a field artillery job that deals with rockets. He was originally field artillery dealing with cannons which he liked somewhat better, but I know he will be very happy with his new choice! I'm hoping he will get into an even earlier class, but I doubt that's very likely. Summer classes are all usually full of high schoolers who have just enlisted.

MP's can get stationed ANYWHERE, but the places below are our most likely choices. By choices, I mean places we might go, not like we actually get to pick lol

Schofield Baracks, Hawaii
Fort Lewis, Washington
Fort Bragg, North Carolina
Fort Hood, Texas
Fort Richardson and Fort Wainwright, Alaska 
Fort Drum, New York
Fort Polk, Louisiana
Fort Bliss, Texas
Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri (the only base worse than Fort Sill)
Fort Carson, Colorado
Fort Cambell, Kentucky

I have no desire to move to Hawaii and be poor, and I heard Germany is no longer an accompaniment tour so I wouldn't be able to go. I also wouldn't want to go to Missouri or Louisiana but I'd like any of the other places! We were at Fort Hood before here, definitely wouldn't mind moving back there especially since it's only 5 hours so it would be easy to look for houses. 


  1. Hiii! I'm a new MBC follower. Congrats on your husband's new spot! My husband is a police officer, which could be a great transitional position if your husband ever wants to get out of the Army. Congrats again! I look forward to your future posts :)

  2. He won't be getting out of the Army for 15 years :) but he would definitely like to afterwards! He got out for 3 months a few years ago and tried it out but he didn't pass the test, so maybe after he retires from the Army he can try again! I'll follow you back when I'm on my laptop :)