Monday, March 5, 2012


When I first got pregnant, I was on medication for ADHD. Stopping cold turkey was absolutely HORRIBLE. I thought I would die from the exhaustion. I counted down the days until I could take my medicine again, saying I would only breast feed for 3 months so he would get the benefits of it, but then I could resume taking my medication.

Yeah, well once I started, my mindset COMPLETELY changed. First of all, Boston did not latch until he was 7 weeks old. He was tongue tied and we did not find this out until I saw a lactation consultant (I HIGHLY recommend seeing one if you are having issues) at 5 weeks. I had his doctor perform the quick procedure to get it fixed the very next day, and he slowly improved until he latched perfectly 2 weeks later. Up until that point I was exclusively pumping, which I might add is EXHAUSTING. Not only do you have to get up through the night to feed a new baby, but afterwards you must stay up an extra 15-20 minutes to pump milk for the next feeding. Every 3 hours, around the clock. Even pumping that often, it's common for mothers to lose their milk supply. Breast feeding is a much more effective way of transferring milk and some people just aren't able to keep up with pumping alone.

If he hadn't latched, I don't think I would have even made it to 3 months. But finally he did, and I am now at 4 months and going strong. I can't even imagine switching to formula at any point soon. My new goal has become to make it to one year, and then in the following months wean him off at a point that's okay for both of us. One problem I have with this is that if I do become pregnant again, I've read a few things saying I could lose my milk supply which makes me nervous. But if that happens we will deal with it then!

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