Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Mommy Talk Tuesday!{ Birth Stories! Was it everything you expected?!} 
 Welcome to the very first week of Mommy Talk Tuesday! If you missed my introduction to the idea, every Tuesday myself and Abbey from Life as a Lake are going to be posting a topic that has something to do with being a mother and discuss it! If you are a blogger you can write a blog post about the topic and link up with us, and even if you're not a blogger you can join in the fun and share your opinion by leaving a comment! This week's topic is Birth Stories: Was it Everything you Expected? Feel free to share your birth story and let us know if it was everything you expected it to be? Did it all go as planned? If not, what went wrong, or just different? Was it better or easier than you expected? What would you do different next time? And if you are an expecting first time mom, tell us how you HOPE your labor and delivery process will go?!
You can find my birth story here.

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