Tuesday, March 6, 2012

4 months.

Boston was 4 months old this past Saturday. He had his check-up today and is doing well! He is 16lbs 12oz. Pretty damn good for a preemie! He has reached all his 4 month milestones, doctor doesn't even need to go by his adjusted age. He only got one shot, he had gotten his last set late so they aren't due until the end of the month. So we will just be getting those at his 6 month appointment, which reminds me I completely left without making that appointment! Will have to attempt to remember to call in and make one.

Brought him to the pool this morning with some friends. He loves it, but he gets cold pretty quick. Can't wait until May when all the outdoor pools open on post, and the spray park. He will have a lot more fun in the warm water. He LOVES the bath so I know he will like the outdoor pools. I even dunked him under water quick (literally one second, blew in his face first so he would hold his breath), and he didn't even make a face! Bet he will be swimming at 1 year like I was.

Just as I suspected, the doctor didn't even bring up solid foods. Don't plan to start him until 6 or 7 months so I'm glad I have a great pediatrician who is on board with everything I want to do. Every single time I see him he always praised me for continuing to breastfeed. He's also my doctors dad! Her grandfather built the office, he was a doctor too. Must be one wealthy family! Her husband is a doctor as well.

My husband is gone this whole week, in the "field." Which means he's gone all week and there's lots of booming and helicopters flying over my house all day and night long with them "playing army" as they like to call it. I did get a cool video his friend took of their view from a black hawk all over town last week when he was gone.

Gave him a slice of apple to suck on yesterday, he loved it! He got super mad when he dropped it. I know I just said I won't be starting solids until 6 months, but I am not opposed to letting him suck on and taste things occasionally until then :) Especially getting him use to holding food on his own.

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