Tuesday, April 10, 2012


I have a pretty lengthy wish list on Amazon. But there are a few things that I really want to get in the near future.

1. Padded Lace Underwire Nursing Bra - All of my nursing bras are ugly and wearing out, I'd like to have at least one or two that look nice and aren't from Walmart. 

2. Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Vacuum - This vacuum just looks amazing. My vacuum is fine and all, but with the amount of times the dogs like to rub their furry bodies all over my carpet every day, I would love to have a really awesome vacuum like this. 

3. bumGenius Diaper Sprayer - Since Boston is starting solids next month, I won't be able to just throw the cloth diapers into the washer anymore, I'll need to rinse them off first. This would make that a hell of a lot easier, just spray them off into the toilet!

4. Dresses from Target - I sure as hell am not going to be fitting into my old shorts/anything from before I was pregnant this summer, so I'd like to get a few new dresses to wear instead since I'm assuming it's going to be hot as hell again. It was 110 pretty much every day from April - October last year. 

5. Oster 5712 Electronic 2-Tier 6-Quart Food Steamer - This would make steaming Boston's vegetables SO much easier. All I have for a steamer right now is this gigantic pot with an insert that I have to wash  by hand because it's too enormous to fit into the dishwasher. This is definitely at the top of my list. 

6. L'il Squirt Baby Pool - This just looks so adorable and fun. Boston loves the bath & pool already and this looks like something he would like as well. He can sit propping himself up now, so by summer he will definitely be sitting up fine on his own, like the baby in the picture. 

7. Blueberry AIO Basix in Monkey - I want to get a few more AIO diapers now that I've tried one out, and I've had the Blueberry diapers saved in my favorites for quite awhile. There's a few other prints I'd like to get as well. Going to wait until the new Alvas from the co-op I ordered from come in first though. 

8. Eclipse Nursery Day At The Zoo Blackout Window Panel - I need to get some blackout curtains for Boston's room. There are two super bright streetlights right outside our house and I think he would sleep a lot better if it was actually dark in his room. Need to get some for my room too! (Although I probably won't pink baby blue with zoo animals for my room!)

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