Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Real Diaper Week 2012 Blog Hop: April 17th


This week is the Real Diaper Week 2o12 Blog Hop, leading up to the Great Diaper Change. First read Save the Landfills, Use Cloth Diapers, by The Eco Chick, who is running the blog hop. She has a great page!


How do cloth diapers help solve our waste problem? 

Using cloth diapers instead of a disposable is a great way to help solve our waste problem! The average babies uses 12-16 diapers per day at first, which eventually ends up being around 6-8 per day later on in life. You throw all of these diapers in the trash each day, and where do they end up? According to this article, approximately 92% of single use diapers end up in landfills each year. Although it may seem that with cloth diapers you are using more water with washing every other day, but in reality, the manufacture and and use of disposable diapers uses 2.3 times more water than cloth diapers. So not only are you saving the planet by not leaving diapers rotting in a landfill for hundreds of years, you are lessening your water use as well (not to mention saving hundreds of dollars!). Disposable diapers produce at least 70 times more solid waste, than cloth diapers do. This article brings up the fact that more and more people are burning or composting their diapers. While this may sound like a great idea to reduce the amount of waste that ends up with landfills, unfortunately this leads to more air pollution! It seems like there's just no way to win with disposables, so why use them!


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