Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sleep Training: Update

So, it's been about a week since my post on my plans for sleep training. I didn't really follow what I had planned, but I do have a better sleeper on my hands! I did keep the schedule update and I think that really helped with his sleeping. I'm putting him to sleep a little earlier, and the past two nights I have only fed him 4 times during the day, instead of trying to fit in that short extra feeding right before bed. He's been sleeping 7pm - 1am, eating, then right back to bed until 7am. I'm completely fine with this!

At first last week I was doing CIO, because he was waking at 9 or 930pm for some reason. The first night he cried 10 minutes, the next 10 minutes then back to sleep for 5 (he did this 3 times before I brought him into bed with me), the next night 5 minutes. Not sure what all that was about but it's worked out now. I was bringing him into my bed a lot and I realized he wasn't sleeping as well because of it. The last two nights he hasn't been in my bed at all besides for feeding and he has slept great.

I still need to buy black-out curtains but I haven't had a chance. My father in law was here visiting over the 4 day weekend, so I haven't gone to the store to check them out. I did take the measurements for his windows at least, so when I do get some time to go I will know what I need to buy. The last thing on my list was starting solids... but that's not until next month. I did find someone selling a vegetable steamer though so that's a step in that direction!

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