Monday, April 16, 2012

Real Diaper Week 2012 Blog Hop: April 16th


This week is the Real Diaper Week 2o12 Blog Hop, leading up to the Great Diaper Change. First read 10 Ways You Can Become a Cloth Diaper Advocate, by The Eco Chick, who is running the blog hop. She has a great page!

How do you promote, educate or advocate to others about the importance of cloth diapers?  

So far, since I've started cloth diapering I think I have managed to convert about 4 moms (in just two months, pretty good to start with!). A lot of people end up asking me about cloth diapering because I have a ton of cute prints and I take my baby out to a ton of playgroups, so a lot of people get to see them. A few of my pregnant mom friends have ordered their new Alva Baby diapers that I gave them the link to, and are just waiting for their babies to arrive to try them out! I have also let two different mom's borrow about a days worth of my diapers to see if they like them. This is how I got started with cloth diapering. My son's "girlfriend" (she's 23.5 hours older than him!) uses cloth diapers, and her mom let me borrow a few alvas for about a week to try them out and I loved them. Now it's an addiction! After reading the above post, I'd definitely like to try out some of the suggestions and host a cloth diapering group for the community to get more people involved! I live on a military post, so it would be great to host something on post, and also another one with WIC if they would let me. I'm so excited for the Great Cloth Diaper Change in Oklahoma City on Saturday. I will be heading up with the mom who got me into cloth diapers and it's going to be so much fun.



  1. Awesome, I wish I could attend one. But the closest one is like 400 miles away :(
    But I'll still be using cloth here at home!
    CJR @ TMB

  2. Hi Sarah - thank you for joining the Blog Hop! One tip I would like to suggest - please don't copy my post word for word. And if you would like to quote a portion of my post please give credit where it is due with a link back to the original post. Thank you. Calley

  3. Sorry it shouldn't linked back to you not sure what happened. I'll just delete it and put just the link when I get a chance.