Monday, April 30, 2012

Indiana Vacation.

So we took a very last minute trip to Indiana for the past week or so. My husband's unit decided to give them 36 hours notice that they would be allowed to take leave before deployment. So we bought some last minute plane tickets on Thursday! On Saturday, after dropping our dogs off at my friends house, we headed up to Tulsa. We stopped at the Tulsa Aquarium (Boston loves fish tanks), and then headed over to the hotel. Well, the hotel had changed names and was now a Motel 6, so it was gross... but oh well! We stayed over up there because Tulsa is 3 hours away and our flight was at 6am the next morning.

Matt feeding turtles

A big cuddly looking beaver

Boston looking at the moon jellies

Tired at 5am at the airport

So Sunday morning, we get up super early, and head out front to the shuttle. We make it about a mile before the transmission goes out. So we have to wait on the side of the road for his boss to come pick us up in his car. Our stuff BARELY fit in there and I basically had Boston and he stroller laying across my lap. But we finally get to the airport with plenty of time. Boston did fine on the planes, same as last time we flew. We had a 3 or so hour layover in Detroit which sucked. Pretty boring airport, Boston just slept and played on the floor the whole time. Once we got to Indianapolis, Matt's mom was there to pick us up. We went straight to his grandma's house since she has never met Boston before.

That night Matt's MANY aunts came over for dinner and them, their husbands, and his cousins all got to meet him. I think everyone on both sides of the family have met him now! The rest of the week we went out to eat a lot, did some shopping (there's a giant Target there! Stupid Fort Sill for not having one within an hour). We went two a very small zoo, and then Saturday we went to the Indianapolis Zoo. That was still a lot smaller than most zoos I've been too. But they had elephants (my favorite) and giraffes (my husbands favorite) so it was still awesome! We saw a really cool dolphin show too. The baby elephant was SO cute. She is 9 months old, and some zoo keepers came in to clean up and she was chasing them all around! And she even nursed on her mom :) Her mom put her trunk around her middle like a hug. After that we went to Ruby Tuesday's (another thing Fort Sill doesn't have) and then headed back to the hotel. We stayed in a Comfort Suites like usual this time so it was actually a nice hotel.

Heading to the third zoo in a week! It was COLD out

Looking up at the dolphin tank

Baby giraffe laying in the grass :)

Either itchy or giving the other one some love :)

Mom & baby

Hard to see, but baby elephant chasing the zoo keepers

Boston slept HORRIBLY the whole time we were there. He hated being in the car so often and when we would be in the car he'd only take short naps. I don't think he likes the pack n play because he slept like crap at night. Last night when we got home he cried a lot from being overtired, but once he fell asleep he slept fine like he usually does. We had fun but I'm very glad to be home.

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