Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter photos!

So we had some Easter photos taken of Boston the other day and they are SO cute. He isn't smiling in most of them because we were outside and he doesn't like the sun, but we did manage to get a few with big smiles. My friend let me borrow a little mini baby suit which was adorable. Today we are going to take some more this time with his girlfriend Zoe. She is 23.5 hours older than him : )

This morning, he also got to skype with one of his grandma's (my mom). He was staring at the screen and got really confused anytime her dogs barked! He got annoyed though, he doesn't like sitting still for too long and started squirming and scratching my arms lol. She got to see him sit up though which is his newest trick, just out of the blue learned to sit up 2 days ago!

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