Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Real Diaper Week 2012 Blog Hop: April 18th


This week is the Real Diaper Week 2o12 Blog Hop, leading up to the Great Diaper Change. First read Cloth Diaper Your Baby for Free, by The Eco Chick, who is running the blog hop. She has a great page!

Why did you start cloth diapering?  Was it for financial reasons?  Have you made your own cloth diapers?

I started cloth diapering for two main reasons. First, I knew it would be a LOT cheaper than buying disposable each month. And Two, my friends Alva Baby print diapers were so cute I just had to try them! A lot of people worry about the start up cost of cloth diapering. My advice is to find a co-op! I placed my first order and it only cost me about $60 for 10 diapers, 16 inserts, and a wet bag. That's not even what a months worth of disposable costs so I was already saving money from the get-go! Since then I've placed 2 or 3 more co-op orders and even the cute custom diapers I've bough, if I had it all up my total comes to less than 3 months worth of disposable, and they will last until he potty trains. 

I have not made my own cloth diapers. I do plan to get a sewing machine at some point. I won't be making things like pockets or AIOs, but I do plan to make my own fleece soakers and inserts/prefolds. 

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