Tuesday, May 8, 2012

6 months!

So yesterday we had Boston's 6 month appointment. He now weighs 18lbs 12oz, and is 26 1/4 inches long. His height it finally catching up to his weight! He had to get shots and he was more upset this time than the other times, but he was hungry too and we had been waiting around for awhile so it's understandable. I gave him some tylenol before the appointment, and before bed and he's fine this morning. Also last night... NO SWADDLE! He has has one arm out for at LEAST a month now, but still had troubles with both arms out. Well I decided to just go for it last night instead of trying it out during naps and he only woke to eat one extra time. Now if only the dogs would stop whining, not sure what's gotten into them the past few nights. He's down for his first nap now without the swaddle, so hopefully he will sleep a normal amount of time and not wake early.

This weekend, we headed down to Fort Worth for Saturday and Sunday and stayed at my husband's aunts house. His cousins son had his first birthday on Sunday, so Saturday we went to the Fort Worth Zoo. One of the elephants there was picking up this big donut ring with her mouth, and pushing two big balls around with her truck and it was so cute. Apparently that zoo is the #5 zoo in the country... it was cool and all like all other zoo's, but I can't imagine only 5 other zoo's being better? It wasn't all that big, but I guess when you go to zoos practically every weekend you start to get critical! haha

So milestones recently: he finally rolled from back to stomach! And he hasn't stopped rolling since. He rolls across the floor, and mostly only likes to roll to the left, so he gets mad when he reaches a wall or the entertainment center. He's trying to crawl, he can get up on his knees but he can't go forwards or backwards yet. He started solids a little over a week ago, his favorite so far is carrots!

In other news... my husband might not have to deploy! They were suppose to leave mid April, then beginning of May, now they have no clue when they are going. His class date for military police school should be coming in any day now (hopefully tomorrow for his birthday!) so there's a much bigger chance now that he will get to do that instead of deploy. And that means we can move away from Oklahoma!!

Trying to crawl

Destroying the paper on the doctor table

LJ KILLING his smash cake

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  1. lots of prayers for no deployment, yay!!!!!!!!!