Friday, May 11, 2012

Night one: sleep training.

Finally decided to give night CIO a go. Two nights ago, he slept from 730 - 330 without waking up. He has slept until 2 or so quite a few times so I KNOW he can do it. I know he isn't waking out of hunger. He has recently been getting up at 10:30, only 3 hours after going to sleep and it's time to break him of that habit. We finally weaned from the swaddle earlier this week. He is still struggling a bit with naps, but not too badly, he gets at least one really good nap in the afternoon nap and his evening nap is still the same. Just waking early from the morning nap. So last night, he woke at 10:30 and I just let him cry. Luckily my husband was already asleep (he doesn't hear him cry when he's asleep) so he didn't complain about it! He cried for 40 minutes before going back to bed. Ugh. Hopefully tonight it's shorter. He woke again an hour later but fell back asleep within 5 - 10 minutes. At 2:30am I fed him, and then he woke up around 6:30 for a little bit (didn't get him up), fell back asleep and woke at his usual time of 8:00. So I'm hoping tonight he will cry a little less and so on until he just sleeps! I have no issue with him waking once at night to eat, but 2-3 times is just unnecessary at this point. If he keeps waking only once I'll actually be able to pump again too and have some milk in the freezer!

On a side note, I made some chicken the other night. I made them lightly breaded, and then a plain one for Boston. OMG he loved it. I served it with broccoli which is usually his favorite... well once he tasted the chicken he didn't even want to look at the broccoli.

And... painting daddy's birthday card :)

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