Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Summer Blog Challenge: Day 5 [Short term goals for this month and why those goals.]

Going Green with the Grizls

This month is definitely a good month for short term goals. My summer semester of school started on May 31st (my first semester back since getting pregnant last March). I cannot take my adderall for my attention-deficit disorder while breastfeeding, so it's going to be particularly hard. I've started taking a supplement called rhodiola yesterday, so hopefully that will help.

1. Get an A on all assignments in College Algebra and American Federal Government, and at least a B on all tests.

2. Lose 4lbs, I'm not sure if this will actually happen. Apparently my body refused to lose (or gain) weight while I breastfeed, so we'll see. I lost 35lbs right at first, and then nothing since then.

3. Keep the house cleaner. Do the dishes every day and pick up clutter. Vacuum every few days. At least make an attempt at putting away laundry other than Boston's. His room is the only room I seem to keep up with!


  1. Whoa, it sounds like you've got a full plate. A messy house is a happy house. No one ever died from dust bunnies. :)

  2. LOL! I love number 4! I have the same problem with laundry.

  3. Laundry is EVIL! I hate folding it and putting it away. Good luck with your classes!

    I found you via the Summer Blog Challenge. :-)