Monday, August 20, 2012

Return from the dead!

Well... I've certainly been gone too long! Every since starting my cloth diaper co-op on Facebook I've been EXTREMELY busy. My first order ended up being over 5000 items! Yes, 5000 diapers all in my house at once. If that wasn't enough, 3 or 4 other orders all happened to come in at the same time. It was like a diaper explosion. You couldn't walk through any room of my house besides my bedroom (which is always a mess anyway). Things are finally calming down now and I've been doing mostly smaller orders. I've postponed the next Alva order until after my vacation because I just do not want my house taken over again.

Alva Shipment
Boston and his girlfriend inspecting the new diapers
"So many dipes!"

Boston's learned quite a few new tricks as well. He has been crawling since 8 months. Pulling himself to standing since a few days after that. Just yesterday he stood without holding on to anything for the first time. He's nursing 4 times a day now and eating 3 meals (if I remember, but food isn't important until a year anyway!). He still does not say any words but I've heard boys are slower. He has pretty much stopped gaining weight since 4 months, which is good because he was gaining a pound a week until then!! He's 17.6lbs and 28.25 inches tall. He actually wearing the correct size clothing for his age which was so not the case before. 

Some bad news for us. My husband is deploying for a year this week and I'm really hoping we can skype enough that Boston will know who he is when he returns. I'm just so glad that he is leaving now and not in April as had originally planned... Boston would have had no clue if he left at that age. He gets so so excited to see him now I can tell he's going to notice he is missing. And oh the dogs, they will just go into a deep depression. They are psychotic and cannot live without him (or me for that matter since they think I gave birth to them).

We are going back to Connecticut for two weeks at the end of September until mid-October. I will be there for my mom's 50th birthday, and my dad's 52nd birthday. I have a surprise planned for her. I know I've given her the link to this blog before and I don't know if she reads it's so I'll have to keep it a secret :)

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